Electrical Works

Space Trading Company spreads its wings in Electrical Engineering, substation and infrastructural works. Our capabilities are panel installation, Transformer accessories installation, Switchgear installation, LV Cable laying, Terminations, Cable Tray installation, Cable support installation, Indoor & Outdoor Earthing, Streetlight, Traffic signal installation & cabling, Ductworks, chambers (Q-Tel, ELV, SSD & ELV) , cast-in-situ, precast and installations, Over Head Lines (OHL), F.O Cable works.
We are supported by experienced professionals, precision tools and tackles and specialized Installation of Electrical Equipment which enables us to provide best services with absolute customer satisfaction.
We are having our own construction equipment, transport and construction material supply facilities to expedite outdoor works like excavation, backfilling and supply of Sand, Scalping power, Backfill and Sub Base materials
Our widespread service includes, but not limited to the following activities:

Equipment Installation:
Panel Installation
       • Transformer accessories
       • Switchgear installation
Cable Works:
LV Cable laying & Terminations
     • Cable Tray & Support installation
     • Indoor & Outdoor Earthing
Duct Works:
Duct installation Q-Tel, ELV, SSD & ELV
     • Chamber cast-in-situ
     • Chamber precast and installations
OHL/FO Works:
Over Head Lines foundation
     • Installation
    • FO cable laying
    • OTP/OTB installation