Equipment Hiring

JJ Infra’s Group Company ‘Space trading’ has an array of Equipment on short term/long term rental to provide to meet the whole range of client’s needs. The division possesses operators of well qualified, trained and Equiptment Hiringcertified along with Skilled & Dedicated mechanics team. The workshop which is sufficiently equipped and mobile service units are always kept ready to maintain and attend break down and this augments reliability among customers.
The commitment which has been shown consistently in the past really helped to gain continuous and repeat orders from many contracting companies like L&T, NCC, SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI, STRABAG and Many other companies. The Division can provide Excavators with bucket and breakers, Wheel loaders, Dump trucks, Motor Graders, Bull Dozers, Rollers, Fork lifts, Cranes with Certified operator and Rigger, Low Bed, Flat bed, Boom trucks, JCBs, Buses, Van and various other small plants.
in full accordance with all International Standards, Codes of Practice and client requirements. Testing is carried out internally or where required by independent external bodies.