Utility Works

JJ Infra has been awarded in different Utility Works projects in Qatar.

  • Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Wet Utility works- Storm Water and Foul sewer system ( VC  & RCC Pipes ) including Construction of Manholes, Catch pits and chambers
  • Supplying and Installation of Ducts , Manholes & Chambers for Dry Utility works (Telecom, ELV & SSD).
  • Installation of Granite Curb works to Highways & Internal Roads

Wet utilities works Scope :

  • Bedding and pipe surround with granular material using skips, laying of pipes (Spigotend joints) including testing of pipe line
  • Construction of RC manholes of different diameter and depthincluding special pipe fixing and box out works.
  • Construction of In sit concrete drainage channel
  • Construction of Single/Double Road gullies including removable basket, frame & cover.
  • External water proofing works with bitumen coating, membrane fixing and Bitumenboard erection. Fixing of GRP liner internally for sewer manholes. etc

Dry Utility works Scope:

  • Excavation and back filling for duct banks and chambers.
  • Bedding and pipe surround with sand, laying of Upvc ducts for Ooredoo, ELV & SSD.
  • Construction of JRC manholes and Chambers including protection works. etc